Understand Roadside Assistance Before your buy

Many would search for breakdown cover using the term roadside assistance, but are you aware that changed this option may not provide you with everything you need should you need a callout? Normally this rescue service is the most basic, simple and cheapest of the insurance agreements. It ensures an engineer will visit your stricken vehicle and attempt to fix the problem by the road. Normally 4 out of 5 motorists will be on their way with this service, but if the problem is more serious, you will be towed to a local garage or at best towed home within a short distance.

Cheapest Priced Rescue Option

Most of the service providers, use roadside assistance prices to attract us to buying their policies. they often have prices that are very attractive, but you need to make sure that this option really does gives you the protecting to suit you motoring needs. Reviewing other options may give you a more suitable solution.

Roadside cover is what the RAC call their this type of policy. With competitive pricing they are always a consideration Just a simple Roadside is the term that the AA have chosen to represent their entry level option.
Green flag see the term Rescue as a way to describe their basic service. they often aim to be the cheapest of the big 3 providers. See if this is so. The breakdown cover organisation that has been around for 75 year, calls their service just Roadside. Will get you home within 15 miles.
Breakdown direct 101 service is the representation ofthe basic package. It also includes a local recovery service. Churchill keeps it simple by naming this as level 1 and shows the chart with what is covered at this entry level. Cover is by Green Flag
Quoteline don't define their different levels but ask you to fill in one form with your needs. More Than says it as it is, "Roadside Assistance" accurately describes the basic service they offer choosing to use the full term

80% Will Have Engineer Within Hour

Most service providers have well stocked vans and trucks to ensure the best opportunity to repair your car and get you on your way. This includes common car parts, some identical to your car requirements and some that will just get you home. They also have a professional range of tools to analyse the problem and fix as much as they can. This is some of the reasons why 80% of all people who breakdown, will have an engineer there within an hour and will eventually be back on the road.